Friday, October 22, 2010

"That's Like Me" Brings Possibilities to Life for Kids with LD

That's Like Me

We all need role models. Somebody to look up to and emulate. Somebody that shows us what can one day be ours, if we put forth the work and dedication necessary.

But what if what you want to become and what you see as your options seem totally at odds with each other? What if you yearn to become a veterinarian, yet cannot put the words together to spell that very thing that you aspire to become?

What if every day were a struggle? What if the words that were before you on a paper danced around until they seemed backwards, inverted, juxtaposed? What if you worked 10 times harder than everyone else and only got half of the return for your efforts?

What if you had LD…or a Learning Difference (also known as a Learning Disability)? What if the very nature of your Learning Difference closed in on you and narrowed the choices of what you could wish for, dream of, become?

What if you didn’t know of any other person who had the same Learning Difference you did and succeeded despite and in spite of it? What if you lacked a role model?

Such has been the case for many children and teens that have lived with Learning Differences. But, that’s all changed now.

Jill Lauren, BS, MA

In her book, “That’s Like Me”, Jill Lauren, BS, MA, takes the myths associated with Learning Differences and stands them on their head. She flips them around, inverts them and juxtaposes them next to the real stories of individuals who have overcome the obstacles that can be associated with Learning Differences.

People with Learning Differences can become firemen,  Arctic explorers, wrestlers…and yes, even veterinarians. Lauren shares the story of 15 real people, all of whom live with LD, expanding their horizons and living out dreams.

"That’s Like Me", while written for tweens and teens that struggle with LD, is a beacon of hope for all of us. It demonstrates what anyone can accomplish when they have determination and the will to accomplish a dream. 

But what if a tween or teen that this book is meant for has a Learning Difference in the area of reading?  Fear not!  Jill Lauren thought of everything.  "That's Like Me" is written at a third grade level, but it looks every bit the part of a tween or teen book.  Thus, the struggling reader can even find success while perusing this book!
Welcome to the Kidlutions Preferred Product Award family, Jill. "That’s Like Me" exemplifies social-emotional skills because it is a lesson in perseverance, belief, hope, and the refusal to allow circumstances to dictate one’s options in life.

"That's Like Me" is a treasure for those needing a successful role-model with LD, and even for those that just need a role-model in perseverance and dogged determination. It’s a book for all of us.

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  1. How wonderful! This book is sooo needed and I thank Jill for writing it!


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