Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Kidlutions Preferred Product Award

There's a whole lot going on behind the scenes at Kidlutions(tm) Preferred Product Awards.  Of course, we know that all of our winners are the cat's meow when in comes to championing the social-emotional realm in children's lives.  We're so sure, that we're shouting it from the rooftops and people are listening!

We've completed several radio interviews where we discuss our award and have just completed a couple of press interviews regarding it.  We'll be featured in a major media outlet for an upcoming holiday spread on gift-giving.  We'll also be appearing in some regional parenting magazines on topics related to social-emotional development. Other media ventures are also brewing...so we'll keep you in the know!

Social-emotional development is not just some fad that seems like a "good idea"...it is a crucial area of growth that determines how successful we are in life.  Plenty of research backs that up.

Kidlutions(tm) is proud to be the first award of its kind in the industry that honors exemplary products that specifically and intentionally promote social-emotional development and literacy!

Congratulations, again to all of our winners!  We can't wait to unveil some of our newest products that are currently under review!

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