Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Kleen Slate Concepts

It's erasable. It's portable. It's fun.

The Kleen Slate was originally developed for use in the schools for math, writing and other such academic pursuits. But why end there? It's unstoppable when it comes to helping kids deal with feelings, handle big emotions and work out things that might weigh heavy on their minds.

The Kleen Slate paddle for drawing, writing, dreaming and more provides the perfect palette for kids, tweens and teens to do all of the above. It offers hours of fun and creative expression when it comes to having your kids communicate about their inner worlds. Want a peek into your child’s psyche? Hand him a Kleen Slate and let him go to town.

One of the neatest things about the Kleen Slate, is that one side is completely blank. It doesn't provide a prompt or lead a kid in any way. Kids are free to journal on it to get their thoughts out...and POOF!...just like that, they can erase it all. This is a huge boon to kids who may like to "bottle up" their feelings because they are afraid of upsetting somebody or getting into trouble. The Kleen Slate offers a great place to get those feelings out, yet be able to erase them as well. No harm, no foul.

The round paddle seems like it was made for drawing faces. It provides the perfect silhouette for the human face to take shape and show off a little emotion. Sad, mad, glad…none of them are bad. Feelings simply are. And here at Kidlutions, we believe that feelings make the world go round. And we know that mastering those feelings leads to success. Kleen Slate provides the perfect tool to do it all. And since there is no waste after all of the angst, sadness or joy is “drawn out”, the Kleen Slate earns high marks as being eco-friendly, as well.

The other side of the paddle has lines for writing. This is the perfect place for kids to carve out plans, make goals, or maybe write out a solution to what is troubling them. They can draw a face that depicts their inner-world on one side, then flip over the Kleen Slate and write out how they can solve the current situation and deal with their feelings on the other. A kid who can do that is learning skills that will last a lifetime. Talk about empowerment, confidence and a can-do attitude. It’s all included in that simple, yet, insightful activity.

The Kleen Slate has so much applicability to helping kids “draw out” whatever is on their minds, that it was even used for group sessions for kids when Hurricane Katrina decimated parts of Louisiana. Kleen Slate was also put through rigorous testing in my very own office. I have used it as part of the intervention for traumatized children and families. The Kleen Slate performed beautifully in even dismal-seeming circumstances. It offered a bright, cheerful and non-threatening way to open up conversations about some really tough stuff.

The founder of Kleen Slate, Julia Rhodes, is no stranger to being a socially and emotionally well-adjusted individual herself. She takes part of her profits from Kleen Slate and donates it to programs to help make the world a better place! Who amongst us hasn’t at one time or another needed a clean slate? Well, now you can have one both figuratively and literally!

Welcome to the Kidlutions Preferred Product Award family, Kleen Slate. We’re so proud to have you!

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  1. I am thrilled to accept this award!!! It validates who we are and what we care about.
    Thank you!!!


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