Saturday, November 20, 2010

Canson and Eric Carle Capture Your Child's Imagination

"What Do You See?" Colored Construction Paper
Kids. Art. Eric Carle. Blend all three and you have an unbeatable mix of fun, opportunity and the prospect of unlimited exploration.   Most important, this line encourages the use of your child's imagination. The unrivaled combination of all three of the aforementioned was not lost on the Canson paper company. When they unveiled their Eric Carle, “What Do You See?” line of eco-friendly papers, they uncovered a whole new world of possibilities for young dreamers and thinkers.

"What Do You See?" Painting Pad

What we like best about Canson’s Eric Carle line is that it allows kids to dream as big as they wish. The theme that is echoed throughout the line is that of open-ended potential. The very premise of “What Do You See?” offers kids a blank canvas upon which they can express their hopes, dreams, fears and concerns. There are no expectations, no demands, no pre-fabbed directions on how a child is to use the "What Do You See?" line.   This allows kids to experiment and just enjoy creative endeavors. “What Do You See?” simply invites the budding artist to share his or her internal world with others. And that is pretty powerful.

"What Do You See?" Finger Paint Pad

When kids are given free license to create whatever their hearts' desire and encouraged to share their innermost world on paper, magic happens.  When a child takes a blank piece of paper or construction paper and makes a piece of art, a new creation is born.  What a celebration of imagination!  And using our imagination is a key piece to developing self-regulation, or the ability to control strong feelings.  That is social-emotional skill building at its finest!

"What Do You See?" Complete Line
Kids. Art. Eric Carle. Together, they’re just better. And nobody outshines the combination of these three better than Canson's eco-friendly line of “What Do You See?”.  That makes this line something that both parents and kids can feel good about.

Congratulations, Canson, and welcome to the Kidlutions Preferred Product Award family!  We are so happy to have you aboard!

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