Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Grow Good Kids with Bingzy and Bing Note Products!

Oh, that every school child would know the likes of Bingzy!

Bingzy, the fun-loving character for Bing Note’s series on social and emotional development will warm his way into every child’s heart as he teaches important social-emotional skills to the PreK-Second Grade crew. Early childhood is a key time to begin intentionally teaching these concepts and Bingzy does it in a way that is non-threatening, fun and easy to remember. Those factors all add up to some incredible products…worthy of the Kidlutions Preferred Product Award.

We test-drove the “That’s BINGZY! Let’s Talk About It Discuss & Do Activities” and “That’s BINGZY! Busy Building Self-Esteem: Sing with Me - Book & CD” and WOW, we can’t say enough good things about them!

It’s one thing to tell a child, “Be nice, play fair,” or “Believe in yourself, you can do it,” and an entirely different thing to SHOW them how to do it. Bing Note products and BINGZY do that in spades. With activities, worksheets, talking points, a story and songs, these products cant help but grow good kids!

There are many, many curriculums out there for which you can pay hundreds of dollars to teach kids social-emotional skills. What we like about this workbook and story/songbook, is that it is accessible to both teachers for classroom and daycare use, as well as to parents for home use. It can be used with ease in all types of settings.

The website for Bing Note shares the following:

"Bingzy! Let’s Talk About It – Discuss & Do Activities" and "Bingzy! Picture Book & CD" helps kids become:


According to Bing Note’s website:

The activities were created by a group of experienced teachers who have taught children for numerous years. These activities have proven to be effective learning tools in the classroom, in small group settings, and one-on-one.

Includes 48 activities plus additional discussion questions.
Developed by award-winning teachers!
Grades PreK – 2

Some of the topics include:
Feeling Discouraged: Keep Trying – I AM STRONG
Gaining Knowledge Through Reading – I AM POWERFUL
Learning The Food Groups – I AM HEALTHY
Giving Gifts From The Heart – I AM LOVING
Including Others At Playtime – I AM HARMONIOUS
Recycling:Other Uses For Plastic Water Bottles – I AM CREATIVE
Starting The Day Being Organized – I AM SUCCESSFUL
Helping Others Makes You Happy – I AM HAPPY

With Bingzy and Bing Note Products, you’ll get a surefire way to help your children develop crucial social-emotional skills. And you’ll do it for a most reasonable price.

Find the Bing Note crew around the web at:

Bing Note Website - Be sure to visit for some great printables on all things self-esteem related!
Twitter - Sweet tweets by the Bing Note gang
Facebook - Fun, fast, easy tips to grow good kids!

Congratulations, Bing Note and welcome to the Kidlutions Preferred Product Award family! We’re so happy to have you aboard!


  1. Mommy Perks loves Bing Note! I've been working with them for a year now and have grown to love both the products and the minds behind them.

    Thanks for featuring wonderful items, Miss Wendy!

  2. Congrats to Bing Notes. I love hearing about all these great new products. Thank you:)


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