Friday, August 13, 2010

Worry Woos™: Monsters that Matter!

Emotions can swirl up inside of kids and cause upsetting and confusing times. Frequently, kids may feel as if they are the only ones experiencing certain problems. With few life experiences and limited coping skills from which to draw, kids can become overwhelmed with it all.

Enter the Worry Woos™ ! Like a fairy godmother with a magic wand, the Worry Woos™ have the power to change things!

Never before have such cuddly charmers warmed their way into the hearts of both kids and adults, creating clarity during uncertain times, a safe harbor in which to explore and contemplate some common, yet perplexing concerns. The Worry Woos™ are an ingenious answer to all of the above. They are the spectacular creation of Andi Green, a woman who is clearly no stranger to the social-emotional realm.

With great aplomb, Ms. Green tackles issues with friendship and loneliness, feeling confident and accepting of personal differences, as well as feeling brave, courageous and secure in oneself. The Worry Woos™ themselves are endearing plush figures. They are as unique as the stories that go with them. The approach is magical and the text is lyrical. Ms. Green's illustrations in the hardcover books seem to come alive as you are reading them. The rhyming text flows beautifully and slips under the radar of even the most skeptical kids, and touches their hearts in a way that will change them forever.

There is a Worry Woo™ for everyone. Worry Woos™ belong in the hands of every child, parent, teacher, counselor, therapist and human being. I wouldn't limit the Worry Woos(tm) as a product for only young children, either. I see their applicability to tweens, teens and yes, even adults. The stories are powerful and non-preachy. They get their point across and the story stays with the reader long after the book is put down.

So, without further ado, I give you Rue:

Rue is lovely and perfect just the way he is. Problem is, he doesn't know it. It takes him awhile to see and embrace his uniqueness, and yes, to even celebrate it. Rue's one-of-a-kind story is "The Nose That Didn't Fit". This book and plush would be perfect for any child, tween, teen or adult grappling with a physical feature of their own that sets them apart from others, makes them unique or different. Actually, this set would be good for any youngster at all. This is true because oftentimes, kids will struggle in silence about something that they feel makes them "different".

Next, take a peek at Squeek:

Squeek will waste no time making fast friends with whomever encounters him. In true Worry Woos™ fashion, he is charming and non-threatening. Squeek shows kids and others how to break free of self-imposed limits, how to let go of whatever they have allowed to hold them back and to SOAR! Squeek's story is titled, "The Monster in the Bubble", and it is highly recommended for kids who may be dealing with fears and anxiety. It's true that the book and plush would also benefit, well, just about anyone who picked it up and read it!

Finally, let's say hola to Nola:

Nola struggles with loneliness in her book, “The Lonely Little Monster”. She shows all of us how to look around and see that what we are searching for may be right under our noses. Lessons are woven throughout the fabric of the story with multiple layers. I read the book several times and could find new meaning each time. The same is true of all of the Worry Woos™ books I read.

We are so proud to have the Worry Woos™ as part of our Kidlutions Preferred Product Award™  family. The books and plush characters embody everything that this award stands for...helping kids cope, handle feelings, and succeed! Congratulations Worry Woos™ and we look forward to seeing all of your future endeavors!

For the rest of you, my wish is that you, too, find a way to embrace your inner Woo!


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