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The Victoria Chart Company: A Winning Way to Teach Kids Life Skills

The Victoria Chart Company: A Winning Way to Teach Life Skills

All parents and educators know the end goal of their efforts is to raise children who are independent, capable, responsible and who can function in the context of relationships with others.  That's a tall order to fill.  Parents and educators also know it takes time, consistency and patience to do all of the above.

Helping Kids Learn to Self-Monitor

Helping kids learn how to self-monitor is the key to increasing their insight and performance.  If the question is, "How do we do all of this," The Victoria Chart Company is the answer. The charts by The Victoria Chart Company are colorful, engaging and beautifully illustrated. They'll make you feel a hundred kinds of happy when you open them up and look at them. I promise! What's more, these charts have been carefully thought out and are developmentally appropriate. Yes and yes!

Everything You Need to Promote Success for Your Child

You can proudly hang these durable charts in any room in your home.  And the company has thought of everything.  When you use a Victoria Chart, you'll get everything you need, delivered right to your doorstep in a complete kit.  Along with the chart, you'll receive reusable stickers (they're really well made) and a specially coated chart that will stand up to the test of time.  You also get materials to adhere the chart to your wall, along with an erasable marker.  It's a one shop stop!

Developmentally Appropriate and Expertly Crafted 

What we really adore is how The Victoria Chart Company provides excellent guidance that is developmentally appropriate and expertly crafted with each chart.  I found myself wanting to high-five the company as I read their messages and information for parents!  It is spot on! These charts bring an air of ease to some of the developmental tasks that can pose struggles in many households.

Winning Charts

While the Victoria Chart Company has several charts to choose from, the following three were submitted and have garnered the Kidlutions Preferred Product Award:

My Growing Up Chart
The Good Night Sleep Tight Chart
The Ultimate Potty Training Chart

My Growing Up Chart 

There are several skills a child must learn before they become adults. Dressing, eating, schoolwork, falling asleep, manners and civility are just a handful of the skills kids need to become successful adults.  Guess what? My Growing Up Chart covers all of them!

This chart can be completely individualized into hundreds of different configurations. There are standard stickers for skill sets common to all kids, and there are also stickers with a blank space for you to write skills more specific to your child. Find it HERE
The Good Night Sleep Tight Chart

Joy! If your child is having trouble settling in, keeps calling out after they go to bed at night, has frequent night awakenings and more, the Good Night Sleep Tight Chart may be your ticket to a sound night's sleep for everyone. We all know how important sleep is for everyone's daytime functioning and health.

This chart may well be the thing that helps your child take a step in the right direction. I remember making a sleep chart for my two youngest when they were little.  I assure you, they were nowhere near as fun as The Victoria Chart Company's version.  I wish they had been around then! Find it HERE.
The Ultimate Potty Training Chart

Let's be honest.  This thing called potty training may make you want to ask who's training whom?  So much of this it outside of our control (as are many things, if you haven't noticed)! The Ultimate Potty Training Chart is here to save the day.

Take the struggle out of it.  Use a Victoria Chart Company chart and away your troubles, down the drain. I really couldn't resist. Find it HERE.

Expert Opinion
(excerpted from The Victoria Chart Company site)
According to Dr. Lynne Kenney, PsyD

We use TheVictoria Company Charts with our families because they are developmentally appropriate and geared toward building skills with praise, attachment and encouragement. This is in keeping with our "Bloom Philosophy" that we teach children into new skill development. Thank you warmly for helping families worldwide build skills with love.

What One of Our Reviewers Said

"I think these charts are very visually attractive for children.  I love that they help to deal with all different ages and levels in a child's life.  These are great."

These charts really are wonderful.  Joyful would be one word to describe them!

Victoria Ballard, founder of the Victoria Chart Company,
 and her children.

You're Going to Love The Victoria Chart Company

We think you'll agree, The Victoria Chart Company offers an amazing product at a great value. You'll turn to their products again and again, to support you in your quest to raise responsible and well-adjusted individuals. 

Welcome to the Kidlutions family, Victoria Chart Company. We are so happy to have you on board!

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