Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Nightmare Nibbler Promotes Sweet Dreams

Anyone with a young child can tell you about night time fears that can take hold and sometimes disrupt the sleep of everyone in the household.  Nothing good comes from sleep-deprivation, so thank goodness for the Nightmare Nibbler who makes a snack out of bad dreams!  This adorable little creature is so incredibly soft and sweet, your child is sure to form a fast friendship with him.

The Nightmare Nibbler was created by Susan Smith, a mom whose own son, Sam, was dealing with nightmares.  Susan soon discovered, as have many other parents, that Sam's sleep issues affected the whole family.  Not to be outsmarted by these unwelcome dreams during her son's slumber, this savvy mama set to work to remedy the situation.  The Nightmare Nibbler made his debut and it worked so well for Sam, and for others in Susan's circle, that she wanted to share with others.  Hence, the Nightmare Nibbler went global. 

The Nightmare Nibbler works for young children, but would also be applicable to older kids who have to undergo scary or painful medical procedures, and particularly to kids that have experienced trauma.  For some of these kids, their nightmares come in the daytime. 

The Poem

I’m a Nightmare Nibbler who’s on duty through the night,
protecting you from scary things that might give you a fright!

It doesn’t matter what it is, I’m not afraid at all
whether 1 inch, 1 foot or a bazillion feet tall!

You see, as a Nightmare Nibbler all I do is eat,
bad dreams, scary dreams, I think they’re all a treat!

Those dreams do not stand a chance, when I am here with you
since I chew them up and swallow them, before they can say boo!

So hug me tight, close your eyes and wipe away your fears,
I’m here all night to protect you, if anything appears.

Good Night and Pleasant Dreams…

 The Nightmare Nibbler contributes to social-emotional development in a big way.  When kids learn how to conquer their fears, and master situations that make them feel helpless, their self-confidence soars.  Now, that is something to cheer about!

When the Nightmare Nibbler was granted a Kidlutions Preferred Product Award, it marked the momentous occasion of  us going international with our award!  The Nightmare Nibbler hails from Canada, our neighbor...and we are pleased as punch to be able to showcase great products that promote social-emotional development from around the world!
The Nightmare Nibbler is a Green Parents' List Approved product, which means you can count on it to be safe for your child to snuggle with and drag around.  This distinction means that the product was tested using the guidelines set forth by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA).

To sweeten the deal even more, every purchase of the Nightmare Nibbler gives back to an organization that ensures a good nights' sleep to children around the world.  The Sleeping Children Around the World (SCAW) organization provides a bedkit that consists of a mat or mattress, pillow, sheet, blanket, mosquito net (if applicable), clothes outfit, towel and school supplies. Bedkit contents vary from country to country depending upon local needs.

We concur with this disclaimer found on the Nightmare Nibbler site: Please seek the advice of a professional if you notice that your child’s nightmares become worse, happen more often or if their fears impact daytime activities.

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