Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Nightmare Nibbler Noshes Bad Dreams: Double Duty

Nightmares Happen!

Nightmares happen.  The Nightmare Nibbler can help!  Nightmares are common in preschoolers and can be an issue throughout early childhood.  Parents are often besides themselves, trying to figure out a way to make it all stop so the whole family can back to peaceful slumber.

Does Your Child Need a Sleep Makeover?

Do you have a child whose sleep habits could benefit from a little makeover?  Does he wake up during the night seeking support and solace because of another "bad dream"?  Sleep deprivation is a serious health issue that has far reaching effects.  In addition to health issues, lack of sufficient sleep can affect your child's mood, behavior, memory and growth. 

The Nibbler Knows

The Nightmare Nibbler knows just how to take care of bad dreams. He's happy to take the night-shift so that you and your pint-sized person can get all the shut-eye you need. 

More Than a Good Night's Sleep

When the Nightmare Nibbler sets off to work, and your child begins to master his nightmares, he'll get more than a good night's sleep.  You'd be grateful for that, I know, but there's yet another benefit.  When your child can get a handle on his nightmares, he'll be developing a sense of ability to deal with whatever problems come his way.  This sense of mastery is a huge boon to self-esteem!

Keeping Good Company

The Nibbler is a fabulous bedtime buddy, but he's a great daytime companion, as well.  Your child will be sure to make fast friends with the Nibbler.  Don't be surprised if he wants to carry the Nibbler with him everywhere he goes! 

Speaking of good company, the Nibbler has been with us for a year now.  It is his one year anniversary with the Preferred Products Award!  That's one more year of making bedtimes better and more sleep possible!   You can see the original winning post here.  We look forward to celebrating many more years together! 

Norbert Does Double-Duty

Norbert the Nightmare Nibbler has been doing a fine job of keeping nightmares at bay across the land. Now he has some back-up. Not that he needs it, mind you. He's been doing a great job on his own.  But now  he can call in for reinforcement with his very own book, "Norbert the Nightmare Nibbler".

In this whimsical book, Norbert is chosen for a special mission. He is selected to travel from the Nightmare Nibbler Nation down to Earth, where he will keep order in the house and peace throughout the night by gobbling up any nightmares in his path. From the moment he is shuttled to Earth, everyone is granted a tranquil night's slumber.

Norbert noshes nightmares like it's nobody's business.  But that's not all this book is about.  No, there's more to the story than meets the eye. There's a second message to be had.  You're never to small to make a difference!  This book delivers on a number of levels and is the perfect accompaniment to the plush Norbert, who has been winning his way into the hearts of kids and parents everywhere! 

To Norbert, Nightmares are delicious. Just like a full night's sleep would be for you!
Thanks for making a difference in the lives of children and families, Nightmare Nibbler.  Congratulations on your growth and having two products that bear the Kidlutions Preferred Product Award Seal for Social-Emotional Development. 
Every kids needs a Nibbler!

The plush and book are available separately, or together on the Nightmare Nibbler site. 

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