Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Around the Table Games: Family Talk and Buddy Talk

Talk! Talk some more! Keep talking!

Family Talk and Buddy Talk by Around the Table Games is on a mission to help the world do just that. In this day of mass electronic connection, our ability to engage and interact with each other in "real-time" seems to have taken a back-seat to high-tech communication...and that is not necessarily a benefit to our children.

Family Talk and Buddy Talk can get your family and your kids talking. And talking is good.  Learning how to interact with each other, take another person's perspective and to listen and respond are critical skills to social and emotional development.  And with Family Talk and Buddy Talk, it's all in there.  They've managed to pack it all into those little pint-sized cards on a caribiner clip, that you can take anywhere!  Trains, planes and automobiles...campsites, bedrooms and kitchens...anywhere people can go, Family Talk and Buddy Talk can go, too!

Better yet, there are no activation fees, no monthly minute restrictions and no "dead zones".  Best of all, there are no batteries required.  We're talking good old-fashioned fun and games, only with a modern twist.  The bright and cheery cards will draw your family towards them...and the ingenious and well thought out questions will keep them coming back!

The ability to handle difficult, challenging or upsetting situations, as well as to think things through are  skills that will last a lifetime.  Helping our children build a foundation of these social-emotional skills in childhood is an unparalleled gift that parents can give.  And with the proper tools, like Family Talk and Buddy Talk, it's both fun and easy to do just that.

But what if your kids seem to answer in monosyllabic responses that leave much to be desired?  No worries.  Family Talk and Buddy Talk have a built-in, fool-proof way to get them really talking.  Each card asks open-ended, thought-provoking questions that really get your kids to open up.  The cards are non-threatening, yet really have a way of getting to the heart of the matter.

These talking cards cover a broad range of issues that all stack up nicely to contribute to building character, encouraging empathy and understanding, as well as introspection.  They get kids and families talking about feelings, concerns, hopes and dreams in a way that is neither contrived nor forced. 

In short...Family Talk and Buddy Talk cards put the FUN in functional.  And that's what the Kidlutions Preferred Product Award is all about.

We are so excited to have Family Talk and Buddy Talk join the family of Kidlutions Preferred Product Award winners.  When you play a game by Around the Table Games, everybody wins!


  1. These games are AWESOME. So glad to see they won a Kidlutions award. YAY!

  2. I've used these games at home and with my programs and they are great! Love them!

  3. Oh, yes! What's not to love about these cards? We are gaga over them!

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  5. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment, Scott!



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