Friday, July 29, 2011

Kimochis: Plush Toys with a Purpose!

Feelings can be messy...Kimochis can help!

If I told you that you could raise your child to be happy and successful, and that it could be as simple as having them play with a plush toy, you might raise an eyebrow. Initially, that is! Because once you see and experience Kimochis, you will see exactly what I mean.

My heart skipped a beat when I was first introduced to Kimochis about a year ago. I was thrilled when the creators submitted them for our award. It didn’t take long for our reviewers to see that Kimochis and our Preferred Product Awards went together like PB&J.

Kimochis (KEY.MO.CHEES), which means “feeling” in Japanese, is the name given to these whimsical plush creatures, which do more than just look cute and colorful on your child’s bed or shelf. They are so much more than plush toys. In fact, they are plush toys with a purpose!

It’s all about the feelings. Being able to identify them in ourselves and others is a critical life skill. Moreover, being able to cope with those feelings, manage intense and uncomfortable feelings and having the confidence to handle whatever problems come our way, are the things that great lives are built upon.

An example of some of the feelings in the "mixed feelings" bag.

Kimochis help with all of the above in a way that is accessible and FUN for young children. Often, you will hear parents or caregivers say, “Use your words”, when trying to assist a child in communicating about intense emotions. Kimochis actually give your kids the feeling words to use.

Kimochis come with three feelings face pillows, that have the feeling written on the back. More available for purchase.  In the extra kits, there is a blank pillow and a marker, for your child to be able to talk about and deal with whatever feeling may be pressing at the moment!

More examples of feeling pillows!

They also come with an incredible 48 page “Kimochis Feel Guide”, which is an incredible resource when it comes to creative uses of the Kimochis plush toy and feelings. (Seriously folks, this “Feel Guide” alone is golden!)

Kimochis is all about the business of helping your kids manage feelings in socially acceptable ways. Only they make it fun, memorable and upbeat!  Don't think these will just benefit the kids, though.  Better communication about feeling benefits us all!

Welcome to the Kidlutions Preferred Product Award family, Kimochis!  So glad you have joined us!


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