Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Listen to Me, Please: A Triple Dip of Feelings Fun!

Don't parent without this book!

A Trio of Award Winners

Did you ever come across a product that made your heart sing?  What about three of them at once?  That was exactly what happened when I read and listened to all of the incredible greatness of Ava Parnass.  Ava is the multi-talented clinician that is behind three of our newest Preferred Product Award winning resources that help kids.  It was a triple dip of feelings fun!   Just knowing these products are out there changing the world has me dancing in the streets!  And this time, I'm not even dancing to the music in my head.  It's the music of Ava and gang that goes along with the some of the books!

Listen to Me, Please

What do kids need?  They need a lot, and one of their primary needs after food, water, shelter and love is the need to be listened to.  Really listened to.  It seems like something that should come naturally to all of us, yet with the frenetic pace of today's world, and multiple demands on our time, we may not listen to or children in ways that are meaningful to them. 

Ava Parnass, RN, MSN
Listen to Me Please: Time-In Not Time-Out is a game changer.  In this book, Ava and her co-author, Dr. Ron Taffel, give you the low down to raising socially-competent, well-adjusted and better behaved children.  All without time-out!  Use this book with your children, connect with them on a deeper level and watch misbehavior disappear!  It's pure relationship magic!

In addition to helping you listen to your child more effectively, this book will help you accentuate the positive, and help you help your child handle tough feelings, deal with the pressures of modern life and learn from mistakes.  This book is part parenting field guide and part interactive story book.  It's a book both you and your child will want to return to again and again!

My Feelings are Hungry

My Feelings are Hungry may be the single-most
important book in the fight against childhood obesity.

Did you even know that feelings could get hungry?  They can and this is part of the reason that childhood obesity is at an all time high.  Our country is working diligently at trying to prevent and remedy this problem.  My Feelings are Hungry is the first book I have ever seen that addresses some of the key emotional issues that make kids want to eat more.  My Feelings are Hungry is likely to become one of the single-most important books in the fight against childhood obesity.

This book is incredible from start to finish. The main character, Rebecca, is having a very bad day.  Through rhyming prose, we take a trip with Rebecca through her kitchen, as she tries to calm herself with goodies and confections of all sorts.  Suddenly, Mushy, a magical book guide, appears to transport the main character through Feelings Town.

Here's just a small sampling of the book's prose as the characters make their way through Feelings Town:

Mushy told me that asking for so many treats
Means I'm not saying something I feel underneath
So I told her what happened one step at a time
Like a tangled-up string I had to unwind

See?  I told you it's GREAT!  Pair that with bright, whimsical drawings and you have a winning combination that's better than any calorie-laden concoction.

On their journey, Mushy helps Rebecca explore myriad feelings.  Through talking and processing those feelings, Rebecca is able to learn new ways to cope with them.  Feelings Town is a wonderful place for all kids to explore their inner workings and learn that having big feelings is okay!  The message that My Feelings are Hungry delivers will last a lifetime. 

Where Did My Good Mood Go?

Did you ever have one of those days where you just didn't know what came over you?  One of those days where you felt out of sorts?  Kids have those kinds of days, too.  Now, you can help them make sense of it with Where Did My Good Mood Go?

Mushy, that magical book guide, again helps the main character navigate the sometimes uncharted waters of difficult feelings.  Mushy models healthy exploration of feelings, and getting assistance from adults, as needed.  Speaking of grown-ups, one of the things I heart about these books is that they call the adults "my grown-up", which is really so clever.  Many times, children do not live with their mom or their dad, and saying I asked "my mom" or "my dad" for help may not be something they can relate to.  This is true for bereaved children, for children in foster care, and for children being raised by grandparents to name a few examples. 

Where Did My Good Mood Go normalizes the fact that we all have "down" and "out of sorts" days, but it also offers hope, by showing that feelings of upset don't last forever.  That's something we can all smile about!

Welcome, Ava and Listen to Me, Please, to the Kidlutions family of award winners!  So glad you're aboard!


  1. Thank you, Wendy! As always, you sift through the mire and come up with a diamond...in this case, a set of diamonds. This looks to be a wonderful addition to any parent's bookshelves. Congratulations, Ava, for honing in on important concepts for families and presenting them so beautifully!

  2. Wow Wendy, I am speechless touched and honored by your beautiful review and writing!

    You noticed everything I tried to create and I am flattered and appreciative.
    You are an amazing clinician and I feel grateful to have met you and received this award:)!!!
    I displayed it prominently and proudly!:)

  3. Vivian, meet Ava. Ava, Vivian! Both of you are part of the Kidlution Revolution...changing lives through social-emotional development!

    Vivian, thank you for your comment.

    Ava, you are welcome! When I find exemplary products that our winners have created, it makes raving about them easy!

    Wendy =)

  4. These books look amazing! Thank you for creating them, Ava. And thank you for making us aware of them, Wendy!


  5. Hi Jeanne!

    Thanks for stopping by...and thanks for all you do with your Ruby Books!


  6. These books look great to use with small children. Thank you for showing us some great books to use with kids - love the artwork too.

  7. Naomi,

    They are FAB! Hurry on over to Mommy Perks to WIN one now! http://www.mommyperks.com/vip/?p=12358&sms_ss=twitter&at_xt=4dd3e64c9ed3edba,0

    You only need to leave a comment!

    Wendy =)


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