Monday, December 13, 2010

Teach Your Kids to Think: Simple Tools You Can Use Everyday

The care and keeping of that precious bundle of joy that you brought home includes feeding the heart, head and soul. Parenting is no small task and the mere thought of all that it entails can sometimes take your breath away.

No fears! Dr. Maria Chesley Fisk has whipped up a quick-serve dish that will change the very way you approach talking to and interacting with your kids. Her book, Teach Your Kids to Think: Simple Tools You Can Use Everyday, provides just the right dose of intellectual and emotional nutrition. Even the most harried of parents are sure to find this book a necessary and pleasurable read.
While the book is small enough to fit a purse, a diaper bag or a jacket pocket, it is big on information. Dr. Fisk has removed unnecessary and excess verbiage, paring things down to the essential and most pleasing parts. Like a delectable piece of cheesecake, this book is rich and satisfying.

Dr. Fisk, in sifting out the erroneous pieces of information, provides you with bite-sized nuggets of parenting wisdom that you can start to use immediately. That is one of the things I most adore about Teach Your Child to Think. Your can read it one minute and implement what you’ve learned the next.

Dr. Maria Chesley Fisk, Ph.D.

Never preachy or academic, Teach Your Kids to Think is a book that is written for real parents, with real kids and it gives real results. Dr. Fisk is an in-the-trenches kind of gal, as she is parenting right along with the rest of us. This book is so user-friendly, even book-shy parents will enjoy it. 

Acting as an appetizer, the first part of the book answers why we need to teach our kids to think in the first place.

Dr. Fisk then serves up five main courses:

General Tools for Teaching Thinking Skills
Tools for Teaching Analytical Thinking Skills
Tools for Teaching Creative Thinking Skills
Tools for Teaching Social & Emotional Thinking Skills
Tools for Teaching Practical Thinking Skills

Teach Your Kids to Think teaches parents how to encourage critical thinking skills that will serve a child across his lifetime. Imagining, pretending, considering, being curious about, predicting, and being a little silly and zany are all part of the full package that encompass essential thinking skills. Sprinkle in problem-solving, positive thinking, and more and you have a perfect recipe to grow a thinking child.

All that and I haven’t even gotten to the social-emotional part, which of course, is my personal favorite. Dr. Fisk has left nothing to chance in rounding out this scrumptious book with research-based strategies that will help your children identify and manage big emotions. Here at Kidlutions, we know that social-emotional skills lay the groundwork for all other learning, and we are glad that Dr. Fisk joins us at the table on this one!

Teach Your Kids to Think helps you teach your child to talk to himself in a helpful manner, handle difficult situations, recognize how his actions impact others, and to find motivation.  This book can even help your child's school raise money!  Now, that's good thinking!

Ahhhhh! When you read Teach Your Kids to Think, you won’t walk away hungry! It’s satisfying, indeed!

Welcome to the Kidlutions Preferred Product Award family, Dr. Fisk! Your book is delish!

Teach Your Kids to Think: Simple Tools You Can Use Every Day
You can even purchase a copy for use on your Kindle!  Click image above!

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