Thursday, December 17, 2009

Middle School Confidential Series by Annie Fox, M.Ed.

Be Confident in Who You Are (Middle School Confidential Series) (Bk. 1)Real Friends vs. the Other Kind (Middle School Confidential)

Do you remember middle school? If you do, chances are you recall the desire to fit in, wondering if you were “normal”, wondering how to navigate ever-more complex social relationships and how to remain true to yourself in the face of growing peer pressure. Middle school can be tough…but thankfully, the tweens of today have a stroke of luck and genius in a series of books by Annie Fox, M.Ed.

If your tween reads only one thing, make sure it is authored by Annie Fox. Two of her books have been recognized by Kidlutions Preferred Product Award for their excellence in helping tweens deal with the social and emotional issues that are pervasive during these crucial developmental years. Far from boring black and white print, these books are colorful, lively and engaging. I found the books hard to put down, and I am way beyond my middle school years!

Never preachy or parental, Fox writes from a place of genuine concern for the younger generation, in a style that is both upbeat and down to earth. Add in Fox’s expertise, and you’ll find books that speak to the heart of everything that matters to the tween population.

Be Confident in Who You Are (Middle School Confidential Series) (Bk. 1)Be Confident in Who You Are: Book 1 - Addresses body image, fitting in, advertising’s effect on teens, dealing with teasing and bullying, normalizing thoughts, setting limits, anger, assumptions, fact -vs.- opinion, and self-esteem, amongst other things.

I particularly love the “Mental Movies” part, where Fox walks tweens through how to “unplug” from negative thinking patterns.

Real Friends vs. the Other Kind (Middle School Confidential)Real Friends -vs.- the Other Kind: Book 2 - This book, like the title implies, deals with all thing related to friendship and being friends. Fox helps readers identify the difference between real friends and those that aren’t so real. She provides useable information on avoiding and managing difficult relationship issues such as lying, rumors, being let down, peer pressure, helping a friend that needs it, dealing with crushes, personal safety rights, assertiveness, how to make friends and more.

I love the concrete and real coping skills that kids can put to use immediately in their lives.

BOTH of these books are chock-full from cover to cover with such great information. I was so impressed with the sheer number of issues that Fox tackled and even more surprised on how truly user-friendly and digestible the information was.

These books should be on the bookshelves of every middle school counselor and parent of  tweens.

Book number three in this series will be released soon.  Here is a quick video preview of it:

(Interestingly enough, these books would be appropriate for anybody aged tween and above...tweens, teens, and even adults that still struggle with these issues.)

As an added bonus, Fox fields questions from tweens and teens on her website.  Your tween/teen can access "Hey, Terra!" here.


  1. Thanks for your kind words about Middle School Confidential. You're absolutely right, Wendy, 6th-8th grade is such a challenging time! That's when so much of a kid's life is in transition... Even if they weren't required to master the academics it would still be stressful to get through those years with their values and sense of self enriched (rather than degraded). I wrote the books to give tweens and young teens Insider Tools for going their own way in middle school and beyond. Something we all need!

  2. And an excellent job you did at it, Annie! These are "primo" when it comes to tweens/teens. I can think of many adults that would benefit from the ideas and coping skills that you share in the books! BRAVO!


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