Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Teaching Kids How to Be BRAVE:

It’s not always easy being a kid. That’s why it’s a good thing there’s "BRAVE: Be Ready and Victory’s Easy: A Story About Social Anxiety".  This clever book was written specifically to help kids deal with social anxiety. This book reads as a delightful novel, yet dishes out sound advice to kids in keeping with best practices when it comes to social anxiety.

Written by Marjie Braun Knudsen and Jenne R. Henderson, Ph.D, and published by Summertime Press, this book pulls you in and gives you a glimpse at what it is like to deal with childhood anxiety. Danny, the book’s main character deals with fears regarding school, the bus stop and speaking in front of others, amongst others. The authors even cover the realistic issue of dealing with sibling rivalry when you are a kid with anxiety.

Danny is a likeable, believable character, for whom the reader can’t help but cheer on. In BRAVE, Danny is a fifth grader who learns how to navigate all of these challenging situations in way that is reachable to every child. Children with anxiety who read this book will readily identify with Danny and see how close they themselves can be to overcoming their own issues with anxiety.

They only need to institute the ingenious formula of BRAVE:


While this book was written to help kids deal with social anxiety, I find that it would benefit EVERY child. The book is rich with lessons and ideas that could help ANY child become more confident and successful. But wait…there’s more…I also think that adolescents and adults can glean something from the wisdom imparted from this book. This is true both personally, as well as professionally. Replace fifth grade Danny with Robert, CEO of ABC Company, Inc, who is tense and nervous due to an impending presentation regarding acquisitions, tweak a few of the other characters and settings in the story…and this book appeals to the masses!

This book is a true gem and not to be missed. It should be on the bookshelf of every kid, teacher, parent and counselor. It can easily be read at home as a family, to a whole classroom by a teacher or used for bibliotherapy by a counselor.

Don’t have a copy yet? You can grab one right here:Brave: Be Ready and Victory's Easy, a Story About Social Anxiety

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